[texhax] Dividing a matrix into sub-matrices

Wolfgang Lorenz wl-chmw at gmx.de
Fri Sep 30 10:54:39 CEST 2011

Hello list readers,

I'd like to create a matrix, that's subdivided into several
sub-matrices. The elements of all matrices still should be aligned. I
have found the package blkarray, which is does the placing of the
elements and also produces the sub-matrix brackets. Unfortunately, when
I put the brackets around the whole matrix there seems to be an empty
line below the sub-matrices (see quite minimal example below). Using
nested bmatrix environments produces the right brackets, but doesn't
align the elements of the sub-matrices. Is there a way to get the best
out of both methods?


%%% Example file: submatrix.tex %%%




			\xy{1,1}{1,1} & 0 \\
			\xy{1,2}{1,1} & 0
		\end{bmatrix} &
			\xy{1,1}{2,1} & \xy{1,1}{2,2} \\
			\xy{1,2}{2,1} & \xy{1,2}{2,2}
		\end{bmatrix} \\
			\xy{2,1}{1,1} & \xy{2,1}{1,2} \\
			\xy{2,2}{1,1} & \xy{2,2}{1,2}
		\end{bmatrix} &
			\xy{2,1}{2,1} & \xy{2,1}{2,2} \\
			\xy{2,2}{2,1} & \xy{2,2}{2,2}

			\xy{1,1}{1,1} & 0 & \xy{1,1}{2,1} & \xy{1,1}{2,2} \\
			\xy{1,2}{1,1} & 0 & \xy{1,2}{2,1} & \xy{1,2}{2,2} \\
			\xy{2,1}{1,1} & \xy{2,1}{1,2} & \xy{2,1}{2,1} & \xy{2,1}{2,2} \\
			\xy{2,2}{1,1} & \xy{2,2}{1,2} & \xy{2,2}{2,1} & \xy{2,2}{2,2} \\


%%% End of example file %%%

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