[texhax] Q: BibTeX references to on-line articles

Fehd, Ronald J. (CDC/OCOO/ITSO) rjf2 at cdc.gov
Mon Sep 19 16:09:41 CEST 2011

Hi folks:

I am writing a book
and polishing the bibliography.

The majority of my references are either
both of which have

I use package natbib, and the \citet macro.

I have written several sas community wiki pages
which are the predecessors of some material in various chapters.

Q: which BibTeX category is appropriate for on-line references?

The LaTeX Companion, 2e, p. 690, shows a BibTeX item

is this the appropriate BibTeX entry type?
and is there anything newer?

Ron Fehd  the {SAS} macro maven


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