[texhax] paracol and memoir/pederson not playing nice. Grateful for clues where to look for a solution...

dc asllearner at yahoo.fr
Thu Sep 15 23:24:13 CEST 2011

I guess it was a major longshot asking the question. I am still trying to  
make a better diagnosis of the problem.
The problem is the placement of the large chapter number (which is  
generated by memoir's pedersen style), but somehow it only happens with  
paracol on the same page. Is this a paracol or pedersen problem? How does  
pedersen set the placement of the chapter number? How could the two be  

On Fri, 16 Sep 2011 05:28:03 +0900, Uwe wrote:

> What is paracol? Where do you have it from?

paracol is a package for creating side by side paragraphs.
I use it to write equations, with explanations to the side of them.
It is comparable to ledpar, which I think is overkill for my purposes.

Not sure how I found it originally, but this is one link:
this is the authors site.
I am thinking about contacting him directly, but am still trying ot make  
sure where the problem is actually coming from....

> Also, I doubt that what you call "minimal example" is minimal, aside ...
true enough indeed.
I meant minimal in the sense of as small as I can make it given my  
ignorance of how to make it more minimal.
If one takes it, throws it into lyx, I think it will work and produce a  
very simple page with just enough text and paralell columns to show the  

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