[texhax] biber nested footnotes problem

Haines Brown brownh at historicalmaterialism.info
Tue Aug 30 19:39:22 CEST 2011

I have a source like this:
   Test footnote\footnote{Footnote 1.}.
   And another\footnote{Footnote 2.}.
   And another with citation\footnote{Footnote 3\footcite{Braudel1959}.}.

The latex command produces this error:

   Package biblatex Warning: Nested notes on input line 58.

However, xdvi shows the citation in footnote 3. correctly:

    1 Footnote 1.
    2 Footnote 2.
    3 Footnote 3 (Braudel 1959).

How do I avoid the error message?

Haines Brown

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