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Mostafa ali wremostafa at yahoo.com
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Hi Vladimir Lomov

Thanks for your reply. I just used this code, but still it does not give me the right margins.

Here what I am getting with this code:

Left/Right margin: 4.1 cm (instead of 3.8 cm)
top/bottom margin: 3.1/3.3 cm (instead of 2.54 cm)



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** Mostafa ali [2011-08-25 12:02:24 -0700]:

> Hi 

> I am writing my thesis using Latex. my thesis specification is as follows: top and bottom margin should be 1 in and left and right margin should be 1.5 in.  The size of the paper is standard (8.5*11 inch) or (21.6*17.94cm). Now I have used the following code in my STY file. but for some reason I am not getting the correct margin. I know this is very trivial, but couldn't fix it :(. 


Use geometry package. For example, add following into preamble of your document
\geometry{letterpaper, hmargin=1.5in, vmargin=1in}

To understand and tune example see documentation of geometry package.

WBR, Vladimir Lomov

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