[texhax] Multiline array elements

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Thanks to those who replied. I finally did it the the "dirty" way, and added some blank rows in between adjacent rows to differentiate different matrix elements from parts of the same element split over several lines: 


 A.1 & B.1 & C.1 & D.1 \\
 A.2 & B.2 & C.2 & D.2 \\
 A.3 & B.3 & C.3 & D.3 \\
 A.4 & B.4 & C.4 & D.4 \\

& & & \\
& & & \\

 E.1 & F.1 & G.1 & H.1 \\
 E.2 & F.2 & G.2 & H.2 \\
 E.3 & F.3 & G.3 & H.3 \\
 E.4 & F.4 & G.4 & H.4 \\


I had to use lots of invisible delimiters \left. and \right. because I had lots of parentheses and each part of a matrix element had to be a complete mathematical expression in itself for it to compile properly.

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when harry met sally <whenharry_metsally at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have to put a large matrix in my document, and I want to split its
> elements over multiple lines. How do I do this? The array is only a
> 4X4 array, but the elements are long algebraic expressions which are
> not fitting onto a page even if I use tiny fontsize and landscape
> orientation.

  Perhaps you could try the "dirty" way: to brake your expressions into
the appropriate parts by hand and then place them in the consecutive
lines. Something like that:

     A.1 & B.1 & C.1 & D.1 \\
     A.2 & B.2 & C.2 & D.2 \\

  Or maybe the '\multirow' could be of some use.


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