[texhax] LaTex table formating problems

Donald Arseneau asnd at triumf.ca
Sun Aug 14 10:49:39 CEST 2011

Francisco Costa <franciscocosta88 at hotmail.com> writes:

> Good afternoon, currently i'm devolping my master degree thesis and i'm having some problems formating tables to fit correctly the page limits
> i will try to explain the problem, show the current tablecode and the way i want it to look like
> 1. last 4 lines have too much unocuppied vertical space
>    i would like to know the code line to set a vertical height to each row.> 
> \begin{table}[htbp]
> \center

You mean \centering.

> \tabcolsep 2.0pt
> \renewcommand{\tablename}{Quadro} 
> \caption{Balanço energético pelos vãos envidraçados em estação de arrefecimento}
> \label{ta:5.44}
> \begin{tabular}{@{}>{\centering}m{4.2cm} !{\vrule width 1.3pt} >{\centering}m{1.2cm}!{\vrule width 1.3pt} >{\centering}m{4.0cm}!{\vrule width 1.3pt} >{\centering}m{3.7cm}!{\vrule width 1.3pt} >{\centering}m{3.7cm}@{}}
>   \noalign{\hrule height 1.3pt}
>   \textbf{Vãos envidraçados} & \textbf{Área (m$^2$)} & \textbf{Balanço energético por condução (kWh)} & \textbf{Ganhos solares por radiação (kWh)} & \textbf{Balanço energético total (kWh)} \tabularnewline \noalign{\hrule height 1.3pt}
>     \begin{flushleft}I - Orientação a Este\end{flushleft} & 1,40 & -57,66 & 271,53 & 213,87 \tabularnewline \hline 

The {flushleft} environment introduces vertical separation.  If you want to override the 
centering in the tabular template use \multicolumn{1}{m{4.2cm}}... Yes "multi" for one column.

But I don't see any that are not flushleft, so why do you have >{\centering} in the template???

Use \multicolumn{1} to set the formatting of the exception, and make the template/preamble handle
the usual case.

Donald Arseneau                          asnd at triumf.ca

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