[texhax] TeX Live Flash (was August 2011 TUG news)

Uwe Lueck uwe.lueck at web.de
Fri Aug 12 21:23:19 CEST 2011

"TeX Users Group" <tug-news at tug.org> wrote 09.08.2011 01:45:46:
> - The TeX Collection DVD has been sent to manufacturing, and should be
>    in the mail to members later this month. It will also be available
>    through the TUG store as usual.
>        http://tug.org/texcollection/

I am wondering whether it makes sense to offer the TeX Collection
(partially) on USB sticks rather than DVD.

I am aware of instructions for creating a portable-TeX-Live USB stick:


and of instructions for making USB sticks with "live", bootable, installing Linux.

However, some (newbie-like) people (like me) may prefer getting the ready stick directly.

I have found two vendors in Germany selling ready USB sticks
booting with one out of many flavours of Linux, either writable
or unwritable or for installing on the hard disk.

One might ask them whether they have been making money this way.
Or if they would like to add TeX.

Sticks are interesting for netbooks that don't carry DVD drives.
I guess for many students such a netbook is the only computer
they own, just because netbooks are so cheap. I have seen some
students with netbooks. Students without DVD drives may be
interested in ready sticks.

(I also was wondering if this is the proper list for this reasoning,
 no conclusion yet ...)



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