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Mon Aug 8 15:14:36 CEST 2011


I am trying to generate latex in hindi. When I run my file by "latex
hindi.tex", I am getting the below error


File: uni-9.def 2004/10/17 UCS: Unicode data U+0900..U+09FF


! Undefined control sequence.

\u-default-2346 #1->\textdevanagaripa

I checked definition file uni-9.def, “\textdevanagaripa” is available.

I checked the file ltxmacrs.txt, it has

MACRO   \textdevanagaripa               devanagari-ldv

Also tried installing the devanagari package (Velthuis Devanagari) but it
doesn’t help.

Unable to understand, what is missing here. Please throw some light on this.


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