[texhax] Decimal alignment along with superscript

Peeyush Mehta pmehta at iitk.ac.in
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Thanks a lot for your quick response. The problem is solved.  I am able to align the entries.

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2011/8/7 Peeyush Mehta <pmehta at iitk.ac.in<mailto:pmehta at iitk.ac.in>>
I have a table column that has numbers with decimals and some numbers end with an asterisk as the superscript. I am not able to align the column entries. If the superscript is not there, I am able to solve the problem using "dcolumn" package. But to have a superscript, I have to use $ command in the maths mode. Then "dcolumn" is not working. Any suggestions would be of great help as I have spent lot of effort on it.
For instance, my column entries are
and so on.

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You can avoid the mathmode by using \textsuperscript{}:


\begin{tabular}{|c|d{4}|c|} \hline
da & 1.4242\textsuperscript{*} & sdfs \\ \hline
da & 1.33& sdfs \\ \hline




Uwe Ziegenhagen
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