[texhax] Ideas/lists of developer libraries of TeX Macros?

Deyan Ginev d.ginev at jacobs-university.de
Sun Apr 17 21:33:07 CEST 2011

Dear all,

I am interesting in doing some Plain TeX hackery, but there are just too 
many wheels I don't want to reinvent.

Since I am interested in dev hackery, I am thinking of TeX as a regular 
programming language - and I know that "ordinary" programming language 
tend to accumulate special libraries/packages with utility functions 
like STL for C or the CPAN for PERL.

In TeX's situation I guess the usual case mixes utilities with the 
specific functionality that the package provides, which is especially 
common for most small LaTeX classes and styles. So I don't really see 
the CTAN as what I need, but some subset of it (or a special package 
or...) that focuses on utility macros.

Does any of you have pointers for a dev-oriented library of TeX 
utilities that I can reuse? That would be simply awesome!


Deyan Ginev, Jacobs University Bremen,

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