[texhax] How can we best keep on using small caps and oldstyle figures?

Martin Schröder martin at oneiros.de
Sun Apr 17 00:23:18 CEST 2011

2011/4/16 Pierre MacKay <pierre.mackay at comcast.net>:
> The various direct to PDF versions of TeX may help, and ultimately I may
> have to try them, but the manuals are not reassuring.  The correspondence
> associated with direct-to-PDF output does not sound as if refinements such
> as small caps and old -style figures are of any more concern to the
> participants than they are to the "industry" as you describe it.

Sorry, but that's bogus.
First: The technical quality of PDFs produced by pdfTeX, XeTeX and
LuaTeX is typically equal, if not better, than that of PDFs produced
by software made by commercial vendors, e.g. Adobe.
Second: Since nobody mentioned it before: Please study the fontspec
manual. You will see that what you want is easily possible with
OpenType fonts and XeTeX and LuaTeX.

> In addition, I have looked through the documentation to find any support for
> the independent setting of bleedbox and trimbox that seems to be offered

This is of course possible with pdfTeX et.al.; it's most likely
trivial with ConTeXt.


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