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hh-brasil at bol.com.br hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Wed Apr 13 15:52:27 CEST 2011

That -- in principle -- is not difficult, but I have problems with the rowcolor. 
When coded as follows

\ pgfplotstabletypeset[ % local config, applies only for this table
begin table=\ begin{longtable},
end table=\ end{longtable},
every head row/.style={before row={\rowcolor[gray]{0.8}}},

I get the head line rowcolored, but some items are not. In the outfile table.1-1.tex I could see
that in certain cases pgfplotstable inserted a multicolumn 
(e.g. for aligning numbers by the decimal comma - which is done (automatically) via two cells)

\ begin {longtable}{cr
r<{\ pgfplotstableresetcolortbloverhangright }@{}l<{\ pgfplotstableresetcolortbloverhangleft }
r<{\ pgfplotstableresetcolortbloverhangright }@{}l<{\  pgfplotstableresetcolortbloverhangleft }
r<{\ pgfplotstableresetcolortbloverhangright }@{}l<{\ p gfplotstableresetcolortbloverhangleft }

and these multicolumn parts were not touched by the rowcolor command

\ rowcolor [gray]{0.8}level&\ textsc {Dof}&\ multicolumn {2}{c}{$e_1$}
&\ multicolumn {2}{c}{$e_2$}
&info &\ multicolumn {2}{c}{$\ nabla e_2$}
&$\ frac {e_1^{(n)}}{e_1^{(n-1)}}$\ \ %

Has somebody a idea how to circumvent this mistake? Meaning a way to get the automatic 
created "multicolumn" entries to behave - at least for the rowcolor - like the "simple" entries?
And - if possible - allows this with a pgfplotstable command!


Attached is a zip file which shows the rowcolor errors and the output file.

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