[texhax] [TexHax] Black/white colour PDF

Pierre MacKay pierre.mackay at comcast.net
Sat May 29 23:44:00 CEST 2010

On 05/29/2010 12:56 PM, Jean-Baptiste Valsamis wrote:
> :D
> So no way to say to latex: "build this page (or this environment) in 
> black and white".
> pleeaaaaaaaaaaaase. A l'aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide
It is perfectly possible to do this in plain TeX with the assistance of 
dvips specials.  I have found it best to leave the basic mode alone, for 
output as black and white text, and to introduce gsave . . . grestore 
specials only where I need specific colors.  Most of this is done for 
multi-color covers for journals, and in one case I have to declare a 
general color environment for the text type that covers several pages.  
That is done with dvips's  bophook (useful because it works without 
pretencing that a special color environment can carry over a page 
boundary).  Any inserts in other colors are provided with gsave . . . 
grestore inserts.  Maybe this can be done in LaTeX, but the tendency to 
hide simple actions in deeply nested macros-within-macros seems to me to 
create problems where none need exist.

Pierre MacKay

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