[texhax] macro for numbering footnotes on each page

Adam Fenn acwfenn at hotmail.com
Sat May 29 11:06:37 CEST 2010

> Well, I notice it came via Bitnet, so may be in EBCDIC (whence
> your comments on tilde v. caret); there may therefore be other
> character mappings that are less obvious. But if you change
> tilde to caret at the line
> \@@footnote{\hbox{$~{#1}$}}%
> and try it, what happens ?
I changed that and also \catcode`\~~M=9 \relax 
 \catcode`\^^M=9 \relax
Using the commnd \footnote{One.} I get the error
! Undefined control sequence.
\@footnote #1->\@@footnote 
                           {\hbox {$^{#1}$}}
l.370  \footnote

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