[texhax] Question on FncyChap

Reza Seirafi rs8fd at virginia.edu
Thu May 20 17:24:50 CEST 2010


At your convenience, could you kindly address the following question
relating to LaTex package *FncyChap*.

For my dissertation, I have loaded the *FncyChap* package --- with option *
Glenn* --- within the report documentclass. In addition, I have loaded the
package *abstract* with option *number* so that the design of the abstract
page of the document is consistent with that of other chapters.

While the placement of the chapter titles for the actual document chapters
--- chapter 1, chapter 2, etc. --- is ideal, I wish to adjust the settings
of the Glenn chapter title design for the abstract page. Specifically, I
wish to move the title higher up the page, and decrease the space between
the chapter title and the abstract body with a view to confining the
abstract to a single page.

I would highly appreciate it if you could advise me as to how these
adjustments may be effected.

In closing, I like to express my appreciation for your time and attention
towards my inquiry.


Reza Seirafi
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