[texhax] install font in LaTeX (with only tfm and pk files available)

jellehuisman at zonnet.nl jellehuisman at zonnet.nl
Tue May 18 02:52:34 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I'm trying to help a colleague who recently migrated to TeXlive2009 
(using the MacTeX installer.) A long time ago he created 15 custom 
fonts which ran OK with LaTeX under DOS, but we can't get them to work. 
I have here 54 .tfm-files and various directories with some 200 
.pk-files, so the questions are: - are these files sufficient, or do I 
need to generate other files?
- where to put them? - and how to make sure LaTeX knows they're there?

Sorry if this is a trivial question, as a ConTeXt-user I don't know how 
to handle "LaTeX and fonts", so thanks for helping me out here.


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