[texhax] Adjusting display skips

J. Douglas Faires jfaires at ysu.edu
Tue May 11 23:27:30 CEST 2010

Is there a package that assists in adjusting the \abovedisplayskip, 
respectively  \belowdisplayskip, parameter   based on the width
of the display and the width of the line  above, respectively, below it?

For example, when the line above the display runs over the display, then 
the spacing above the display is perfect, but
if the line above is short and the display is also short, there is too 
much space above the display. This also
occurs when using \intertext with a short word, for example, \intertext{and}

I have made a macro that I can use to manually  modify \intertext, but 
hoped someone has automated it.




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