[texhax] possible problem with changes.sty

Haspert, Kent khaspert at ida.org
Wed May 5 19:59:11 CEST 2010

I'm a new user of Latex and have used it to prepare a document for submission to the IEEE.  The IEEE reviewers accepted our paper but requested a few changes so I decided to use changes.sty to indicate where I was modifying the document.  The package worked very well except for one confusing problem I encountered.  Once I made my changes, my bibliography formatting changed from the IEEE-desired format (publications were being underlined instead of italicized).  I investigated a number of possibilities and nothing seemed to correct the problem.  As a last resort, I prepared an alternate version of the document in which I manually made all of the updates (i.e., I removed all of the \replaced{}{}, \added[]{}, and \deleted{} commands and keep only the text I wanted instead of using the command \usepackage[final]{changes} to produce a final version).  Upon doing this, the bibliography formatting problem was solved.  Is this a known bug or was I doing something wrong?  I'm using the 2.7 version of Latex provided by MiKTeX.


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