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Dan Doernberg dan at fairness.com
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On Jun 17, 2010, at 8:45 PM, Reinhard Kotucha wrote:

> On 17 June 2010 Brandon Kuczenski wrote:
>> Curious that you would come to a TeX list for a question unrelated to 
>> TeX.  Your problems are due to the fact that MS does bizarre things in 
>> its typesetting.

Fair point... The history of the question is that TUG was a referral of sorts (by Jim Hafner, IBM Research) from Joe Halpern (Cornell Univ., former JACM editor).

> Dan asks on this list because he expects more expert knowledge here
> than he can expect from any M$-Word related mailing list.

Very true! That was my hope and has already been realized; Brandon's initial explanation probably already solved and/or gives us good clues to a couple of problems we faced.... and my impression is that a quick glance was probably enough for him to diagnose those issues. Maybe others might have ideas (without too much pain or time) about the Greek characters rendering as squares?

***  I'll gladly give TUG an acknowledgment on our website and will be happy to provide a few complimentary accounts to TUG (including accounts for you two!) when our software is ready; I hate the idea of our software bombing on math symbols, so your help is really appreciated.

Note-- hopefully as we come to understand what the issues are we can maybe figure out how to support TeX documents too. The problem we face is that NowComment is meant as a general tool, not one specifically meant for math or technical documents... if and when people upload documents with math equations and characters embedded in them our software probably won't get any flag that it's math-related and so should get special processing... though maybe TeX or MathML would flag us in  ways that my developers can deal with but is beyond my level of knowledge.

>  It's a good idea to ask here.
> I think that he deserves a good answer, even if he doesn't use TeX.
> Regards,
>  Reinhard

Thanks again!!

PS-- I used to own Computer Literacy Bookshops in Silicon Valley, and we always promoted the TeX books and LaTeX and Metafont... Don Knuth spoke at our store and was an official "friend of the store".

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