[texhax] Jul 2010 TUG news: tug'10 book, conferences, TUGboat, software, interviews

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Sun Jul 11 03:09:38 CEST 2010

Dear TeX users,

- The TUG 2010 conference in San Francisco was a great success.  Video
  recordings of several talks are already available at
  http://river-valley.tv/conferences/tug-2010 (thanks to Kaveh Bazargan
  and River Valley Technologies).

- As part of the conference, a commemorative book was prepared, with
  selected articles from TUGboat by each of the Stanford TeX project
  members.  A capsule description of each person's contributions to the
  TeX world is included.  The book also includes a foreword by Barbara
  Beeton and many drawings by Duane Bibby, some especially commissioned
  for this anniversary.  The hardcover book is now available at cost
  from the TUG store (and will be in online bookstores soon).  Also, the
  full PDF is available online to TUG members in the members area.

  By the way, the book of interviews we prepared last year is still
  available, too:
  The full PDF for this book is now also available in the TUG members area.

- Still-upcoming TeX conferences in 2010:
  Aug 25-29 - EuroTeX 2010 (Pisa, Italy)

  Sep 13-18 - Fourth ConTeXt User Meeting (Brejlov, Czech Republic)
- TUG 2011 will be held in Cairo, Egypt, tentatively from November 28
  through December 1, and will include a planned excursion.  Hossam
  Fahmy of Cairo University is the chief organizer.

- The first issue of TUGboat for 2010 was published earlier this year,
  and work on the next issue of TUGboat, the TUG'10 proceedings, has begun.

- Work on the 2010 software release continues.  We optimistically hope
  for the final images to be sent for production in August.

- The latest subjects in the Interview Corner are Joe Weening and
  Luis Trabb Pardo from the Stanford TeX project) and Bart Childs, a
  strong advocate of literate programming and past TUG president.

Karl Berry (President) on behalf of the TUG Board

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