[texhax] alphabets in maths and \mathbf

Boris Veytsman borisv at lk.net
Mon Jan 25 15:44:14 CET 2010

VK> Date: Mon, 25 Jan 2010 18:36:53 +1100
VK> From: Vafa Khalighi <vafa at users.berlios.de>

VK> I am writing a package for a maths font. Is there anyway that you can just
VK> change the font of digits in \mathbf and not the font of aphabets inside
VK> \mathbf.

VK> To be more clear, if Isay

VK> \DeclareMathAlphabet      {\mathbf}{OT1}{cmr}{bx}{n}

VK> It will both changes the font of digits and the font of alphabets inside
VK> \mathbf command. But I just would like to change the font of digits and not
VK> the font of alphabets.

VK> Is there any way to achieve this?

Surely.  You create a virtual font with letters from Computer Modern
Roman, and digits from Computer Modern Bold.  Then use it in

I've did such things for mathgifg package: the customer wanted math
with digits from Franklin Gothic and letters from Georgia

Good luck


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