[texhax] Swedish - åäö

Andree Jacobson andree at unm.edu
Thu Jan 21 19:25:00 CET 2010

I would agree with Susan, the easiest way is to do this:


if utf8 doesn't work you may try to use latin1 instead.

There are some good websites on this as  well:

etc, etc...

Hope this helps.


Susan Dittmar wrote:
> Dear Jan,
> Quoting Jan Öhman (Jan_Ohman at glocalnet.net):
>> Hello!
>> I found an answer, but I don't know if it is the only way :-)
>> (the right way)
>> å  => \aa
>> Å => \AA
>> ä  => \"a
>> Ä => \"A
>> ö  => \"o
>> Ö => \"O
> this is an answer, yes, but somehow cumbersome to type. The easier one
> would be to tell (La)TeX about the font encoding you are using. I am not
> familiar with the font encoding most popular for swedish language, but I
> think by reading the documentation about the package inputenc   (texdox
> inputenc)  you should find the answer.
> Additionally, the package babel with option swedish (I guess) probably
> could be quite helpful.
> If these hints do not suffice, feel free to ask again. I am quite positive
> that you will find more detailed help from others.
> 	Susan
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