[texhax] bibliography in beamer

Steven Woody narkewoody at gmail.com
Tue Jan 19 10:09:07 CET 2010


I am using bibliography with beamer class.  Below code are directly
copied from beamer user guide:

\bibitem{Goldbach1742}[Goldbach, 1742]
Christian Goldbach.
\newblock A problem we should try to solve before the ISPN ’43 deadline,
\newblock \emph{Letter to Leonhard Euler}, 1742.

\begin{block}{Open Questions}
Is every even number the sum of two primes?

The problem is the cite appears as [1] but the bibliography doesn't
have this index number prefixed.  So if my presentation have many
bibliograpy items, the reader has to count before they know what is
refer to what.  How can I improve this?


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