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Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Sun Jan 17 22:44:01 CET 2010


> See TeXShop's Help->TeXShop Help Panel for more information.

Thanks for the details.

> Are you running them as engines through TeXShop or on the command
> line directly? Do they run things a fixed number of times or until
> cross-references, etc., are resolved?

I run everything from an (UGH!) tcsh command line script called 'l'. 
It's universal if not a great language.  It's smart enough to know
when to run bibtex.  I generally hate graphical user interfaces (GUI)
since they don't do what I want, one has to fight to learn what they
do do.  Instead I use two Terminals, one with vim and the other with
an atchange watching the file.  The second one is triggered by writing
the file out and does either a dvi display or complete conversion to
pdf and display (which may involve transmission of the pdf across the
internet).  The advantage of this method is that I get to work quickly
in an editor and avoid fighting the mouse, but the result is the
beautifully typeset output of LaTeX. (I still don't have a smart pdf
reader that updates itself when the file changes, we've discussed this
before and no solution worked.  Adobe is unable to accept user
suggestions or even acknowledge them.)


> What about packages that may create multiple bibliographies/indexes?

I haven't learned how to do this yet so they don't handle it.

Bottom line: being in an efficient editor overwhelms GUIs since it
saves so much time.  So I watch TeXShop but am not inclined to convert
to it.


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