[texhax] Question

Bernice Barnett jbbrus at comcast.net
Sat Jan 16 19:18:36 CET 2010

File Store wrote:
> Can you please tell me if the LaTeX has capability to do graph and 
> related staff without including as an image?
> e.g. you are talking about a function and you want to include its 
> graph, how can I do that?
> Or you want ceration table in which you want to have the same fonts 
> for the characters as the way you type with LaTeX?
This may or may not be helpful for your application: I sometimes write a 
program (in Lisp but the language isn't important) the output of which 
is a file with extension tex and whose contents is a picture 
environment. I include that file in my LaTeX using an \input command. 
This approach is often a lot simpler than others particularly if the 
function is not easy to express in simple algebraic terms. This is also 
a reasonable approach to generating diagrams where the sizes and 
positions of the objects need to be calculated. There are various 
extensions to the picture environment that allow arbitrary slopes and 
circle/oval sizes that make this a lot easier than it may appear.
Jeff Barnett

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