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> Does anyone know how I get LATEX (PCTEX) to order tables and figures
> with
> the same sequential numbering system?
> Thanks
> LC

Look at your cls-file. You will probably find something like

\renewcommand \thefigure
     {\ifnum \c at chapter>\z@ \arabic{chapter}.\fi \@arabic\c at figure}

\renewcommand \thetable
     {\ifnum \c at chapter>\z@ \thechapter.\fi \@arabic\c at table}

change the last counter  (\@arabic\c at table) to the same as in 
\thefigure (\@arabic\c at figure). 
Either change it within the cls-file or do it in a separate file 
(\renewcommand\thetable{\arabic{chapter}.\arabic{figure}} most 
probably will work).


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