[texhax] \paragraph environment bolding all text

Stig Larsson stig at chalmers.se
Sun Feb 7 07:46:20 CET 2010

Jorge,   the bold text you see is the heading of the paragraph.    
Paragraph is one level in a hierarchy:

\section{Heading of section} Text of the section.
\subsection{Heading of subsection} Text of the subsection.
\paragraph{Heading of paragraph} Text of the paragraph.
\subparagraph{Heading of subparagraph} Text of the subparagraph.

Normally you use line breaks between paragraphs because there is no  

You also have \part{} and \chapter{} on higher levels.  This is  
explained in any book on LaTeX.


On Feb 6, 2010, at 13:57 , George Goodwin wrote:

> Hi,
> I've been using TeX a while now, but I've always had the problem that
> all text ends up bolded when it's within a \paragraph{} environment  
> - as
> all my text is!  I read that this was the correct way to structure a
> document (i.e. rather than just using line breaks) - but I would also
> like my bold emphases to show up.  Is there anything I can just  
> stick in
> the preamble to stop this happening?  I've googled high and low and
> haven't been able to find an answer.
> Many thanks
> Jorge
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