[texhax] writeble PDF

hh hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Fri Nov 27 00:15:30 CET 2009

I'm not working with the last edition of Acrobat Pro, only with 7.0.
First I made the normal LaTex run, then dvi-->PS and PS-->PDF.
The "Reader"  is of course the latest version.

With Acrobat Pro you can then edit your entries to a degree (search 
for "typewriter", the biggest problem might be or the font). There is 
also the possibility (in Acrobat Pro) to make the PDF-files editable 
in Acrobat Reader (you see then the typewriter above your "Reader"  
file). I never tried it exhaustingly - especially not with files 
procuced by LaTeX, so my experience is definitly somewhat limited.

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> Dear colleagues,
> I'm searching for a way to generate writable PDF files out of LaTeX. I
> did
> a Google search which didn't prove to be rewarding. Most of the links I
> found point to Open Office.
> However, I'm building huge lists and tables by converting data that have
> been collected via form entries in XHTML pages by processing them with
> Perl, thereby generating TeX-Output. Every necessity to handle the
> resul-
> ting files interactively is not welcome - or, due to the number of files,
> simply
> not feasible, for that matter.

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