[texhax] Installation of font

Raymond Levitt rslevitt at optonline.net
Sun Nov 22 02:24:47 CET 2009



I am running MikTeX 2.7 using Windows Vista operating system. 


I am attempting to install a font package I recently downloaded (txfonts).
However, I am having difficulty finding the right location to place the
files. I have read the accompanying installation instructions, but they are
rather limited. Here is the message I receive when I include \usepackage
{txfonts}: "tex\latex\txfonts\txfonts.sty" 


Would anyone at the TeX Users Group be able to assist me in properly
installing these files? 


By the way, a while back I downloaded and successfully installed the
amsfonts package. When I use this, TeX runs without a problem. 



Ray Levitt  


Long Island, NY

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