[texhax] TeX Gyre fonts problem with \textsl, \slshape

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Thu Nov 19 12:04:43 CET 2009

Am Thu, 19 Nov 2009 07:08:15 -0330 schrieb P. P. Narayanaswami:

> I am using MikTeX2.8. As suggested in the recent TUGBoat issue (pages 236 -240)
> when I use
>      \usepackage{tgpagella)  or \usepackage{tgtermes}
> the Slant shape alone does not work with either \textsl  or \slshape.
> Instead, if I use the old command \usepackage{mathpazo} 
> \usepackage{mathptmx}, everything works fine. 
> Is there something going wronmg here with slant shape?
> How can one get slant shape with any of the Gyre fonts?
> By the way, all other shpa change commands work fine with Gyre fonts.

This works fine for me (\slshape gives the same font as \itshape):

abc \slshape abc

tgpagella.sty    2009/09/27 v1.2 TeX Gyre Pagella as default roman
   t1qpl.fd    2009/09/25 v1.2 font definition file for T1/qpl

Ulrike Fischer 

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