[texhax] Fill character with halign.

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Nov 17 18:26:48 CET 2009

Kelly McKennon wrote:

 > Dear Sir/Madam:
 > When constructing a table with halign, can one select another fill
 > character besides "space" so that, if for example the fill character
 > were a period, one would get output as below?
 > First column.................Second column.....................Third Column

Off-hand, I can't see how this could be accomplished directly,
since inter-column separation is controlled by \tabskip, which
is indeed a <skip> and (unfortunately) not a <leaders>.  The
only way in which I can see you could accomplish it is to
eschew \tabskip completely (that is, set it to zero) and
independently fill each column.  Of course, I may be wrong :-)

Philip Taylor

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