[texhax] Sir, please can you help me?

P. R. Stanley prstanley at ntlworld.com
Sun Nov 15 01:53:48 CET 2009

> > Rather than us giving you our account details, why don't you send 
> us your credit card details so that each of us who helps you can 
> take his remuneration directly, in otherwords, put your money where 
> your mouth is, mate. ( grin )
>Don't be an ass "mate".
>         Paul: Well, it takes one to know one. ( grin)

> > ---- Raju Grover <rajurenjitgrover at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > > To be precise, I wish to have a math function $\ele$.
> > > The details of $\ele$ is that, it should draw a small elipse 
> instead of a small circle as in $\circ$.
>I'm not aware of ellipse symbols that match \circ in appearance, but the
>best place to look is in the comprehensive symbol list at
>If you are still stuck after looking through that, you might resort to
>the graphics package and \scalebox to stretch a \circ character into
>an elliptical shape.
> > > Also is it possible to add this operator ^^ instead of \overset 
> in latex and simlarly __ instead of \underset.
>I don't know what operator "^^" might refer to.  Does it indicate a
>zig-zag line over an object?  Similarly "__": isn't that just \underline?
>(A straight \overline is also available.)
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