[texhax] Sir, please can you help me?

Raju Grover rajurenjitgrover at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 14 14:47:57 CET 2009

Respected Sir,
You know what we get if we write $\circ$.
Sir, can you give me the code for a basic math function like the above one.
To be precise, I wish to have a math function $\ele$.
The details of $\ele$ is that, it should draw a small elipse instead of a small circle as in $\circ$.
Also do you know any reference for this.
Also is it possible to add this operator ^^ instead of \overset in latex and simlarly __ instead of \underset. 
Sir, please do not be offended at me. I don't know anything about you. May be you are kindhearted person. And may be you don't need money for this. Or maybe you are looking for a breakthrough. So if you felt offended at me asking, How much money you need, please forgive me. But if not, please give your account.
Thanking you
Your sincerely
Raju Grover.

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