[texhax] Where to put amslatex package files on a PC?

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Thu Nov 12 22:37:29 CET 2009

I'm on a Windows PC using WinShell and MiKTeX and downloaded the package
called: amslatex, zipped as gsm_amslatex.zip.
I read the file README-M-L.TXT included in the package, but it says for me
to "make a copy of the file chapter.template to <uniquename>.tex"
but there is no file named chapter.template included with the files in

The README-M-L.TXT file also suggests that I get technical and
administrative information from the AMS Author FAQ:
but here, the section entitled: "Technical Topics, Running (La)TeX - where
to install packages, etc."
says to:
"First, check that you have placed the package files in the local TEXMF tree
where TeX is supposed to look for them. For an AMS-LaTeX author package, the
recommended location is TEXMF/tex/latex/ams-author-info."
but there is no such folder named "TEXMF" on my entire computer.
If I am supposed to create it, this instruction is sufficiently clear; for I
could create TEXMF in any of the following locations:
C:\\Program Files
C:\\Program Files\WinShell
C:\\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.8
C:\\Documents and Settings\My_AMS_Book

(Everything works fine on the demo files in the package, but it creates too
many files in that location, so I don't want to create my book there.)

By the way, when I go to MiKTeX, as suggested by
http://www.ams.org/authors/author-faq.html, it doesn't tell where to put the
packages either. It only tells how to install packages from a list, the
locations of which are truncated so as not to reveal the entire path, as in
the AMS instructions.

I know these are all errors in the AMS's instructions, but when I spoke with
ams tech-support, but they said:
  "Not being a user of winshell or miktex (and no one else here is either --
we all use tex on unix/linux systems), the best advice i can give is to
check the miktex documentation."

So if you could let me know where I should place the amslatex package files,
I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.


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