[texhax] pdftex warning with hyperlinks

Thierry rhomunu-list at yahoo.fr
Wed Nov 11 12:10:17 CET 2009

This problem comes from hyperref, and maybe a conflict with the package manyfoot.sty which I use to create new kind of footnotes.

I have added the option
to hyperref and the messages have disappeared!

In the hyperref doc, it is mentioned that the feature to add hyperlinks to footnote is "easily broken". I suppose that manyfoot has broken it!

Hope this will help someone else. This is not a true solution, but at least the origin of the problem is known.


> Looks like somewhere in your document you are using
> (referring to) a
> cross-reference labeled Hfootnote.80, but you never define
> (create)
> it.  It's possible that you just misspelled the label
> (Hfootnote.80).
> HTH,
> Oleg


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