[texhax] How latex using a sty ?

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Tue Nov 10 13:16:12 CET 2009

At 10:12 10.11.09, Lars Madsen wrote:
>wawan wrote:
>>I'm just curoius what method that using by Latex when read a sty ?
>>Using regex or pattern matching or something else ?
>     \usepackage{name}
>is similar to \input{name.sty} plus a few other things, details may be 
>found in source2e

Why should there be a special "reading mode" with .sty files? They are just 
read like the .tex files you create, all the commands found are executed 
(this statement includes skipping according to usual TeX rules or macros 
gobbling). The only real difference is that `@' may be part of control 
words. The \usepacke command moreover processes options (which may skip 
something) and stores them for some package management.

-- Uwe.

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