[texhax] making a document smaller

Susan Dittmar Susan.Dittmar at gmx.de
Tue Nov 3 11:31:47 CET 2009

Dear Paul,

usually there's still a lot of white space on a LaTeX generated tabular
which can be compressed to squeeze more information on one page. There's
some prize you will pay for that.

There are some lengths you can play with.

\tabcolsep for example is the white space between the left border of the
table cell and the cell contents, and between the cell contetns and its
right border. Default is 6pt, I sometimes use as small values as 0.5pt.
But then you need something else to separate the cells visually instead of
the white space, like a vertical rule (| in the definition of the tabular
structure). A huge price in the eye of the typography-savy...

I do not know what other lengths control tabulars, and don't have my books
handy right now...

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