[texhax] New Bibtex style needed for citing datasets

Helly John hellyj at ucsd.edu
Sun Nov 1 23:57:14 CET 2009


I'm attempting to create a new bibtex style that includes support for  
data.  I think I can create the style but am having difficulty  
figuring out how to have the *.bst file found when I refer to it in a  
\bibliographystyle(cca.bst) statement.

Can anyone tell me how to refer to a non-standard *.bst file?  For  
example, I tried


and that didn't seem to have any effect: positive or negative.

Any advice would be appreciated.

John Helly, UCSD / San Diego Supercomputer Center / Scripps  
Institution of Oceanography, Climate, Atmospheric Science, and  
Physical Oceanography / +01 760 840 8660 mobile / stonesteps (Skype) /  
stonesteps7 (iChat) / http://www.sdsc.edu/~hellyj

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