[texhax] Can I do it more simple (building .sty)?

Uwe Lück uwe.lueck at web.de
Wed Jun 24 18:32:36 CEST 2009

(answer/question mix:)

At 13:26 24.06.09, wawan wrote:
>I build .sty having a lot of newcommand like below, can I do it more simple

This looks fine, congratulations!

You asked about \def earlier, by which you could replace the former with


This is shorter, but \newcommand saves you from mistakes -- just to answer 
your earlier question.
You might do


etc. to save space, then you could type several definitions in one code line.

I wonder about the extra *braces* in the definitions, this is not my field 
of expertise.
(Hope *real wizards* see this!)
The braces are useful here when another number follows.
But you could use octal or hexadecimal notation,




would overcome the parsing problem I alluded to; it may even be more 
helpful with font tables.

Another possibility is


which, however, doesn't do the check that \newcommand does.
(It is more efficient regarding memory.)

On p. 356 of the TeXbook there are some things with \chardef, some with 
\def, some with extra braces, I don't know why. I find it somewhat 
difficult to find the corresponding things in LaTeX.

What language are you implementing? This might be really interesting.



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