[texhax] Questions

John Maloney maloney1 at cox.net
Mon Jun 22 22:50:54 CEST 2009

I am interested in purchasing the 2008 edition of the CD Rom containing
TeXLive. I do have some questions concerning this purchase. They are:

1). I recently purchased a Dell desktop computer with a 64 bit processor
running 64 bit Vista. Will TeXLive install and work on it?

2). I have a Toshiba laptop with a 32 bit processor and a 32 bit version of
XP Home edition. Will TeXLive install and run on this computer also.

3). Will 2008 TeXLive install directly over the top of my current 2003
installation or will I have to delete my 2003 installation first?

   I would like to install the software on both computers. I am using WinEDt
version 5.5 as my editor.

John Maloney

maloney1 at cox.net  


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