[texhax] Chemical reactions in Latex

Ryan Van Wagoner whiteviz at gmail.com
Sat Jun 20 16:46:05 CEST 2009

Hello Arvind,

>>>>> "arvindmer" == arvind mer <arvindmer at gmail.com> writes:

 arvindmer> But along with this I have several chemical reactions and I want to use
 arvindmer> different numbering system for the chemical reactions.

 arvindmer> \begin{subequations}
 arvindmer> \label{1st_reaction}
 arvindmer> \begin{align}
 arvindmer>   A+B &\rightarrow  C \\
 arvindmer>   C+D &\rightarrow  A+E \\
 arvindmer> \end{align}
 arvindmer> \end{subequations}

 arvindmer> In the output the reactions are numbered as continuation of equation, But I
 arvindmer> want to give reactions a different numbering.

Check the following url for a discussion on this topic:


Good luck with your thesis.



Ryan Van Wagoner

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