[texhax] Extract equations as EPS from larger doc?

Philipp K. Janert janert at ieee.org
Wed Jun 17 17:32:50 CEST 2009

Thanks for all replies, although I actually did not
get a suitable answer.

To restate: I don't want to extract LaTeX commands
from a text/html/tex file for post-processing. I want to 
extract EPS of individual equations from a multipage 

For reference, here is what I found:

The dvips tool has a useful -pp option, which allows
the user to specify a page (or range of pages) to 
convert. Together with -E (for EPS), this will do what
I need, as long as I put each equation onto a separate

It seems to me that there is a gap here for a package
that handles all of this in one fell swoop, ideally in such
a way that I can specify the filenames of the resulting
single-equation EPS files right there in the LaTeX file.

The rationale for all of this is that I am writing a 
manuscript for PRINT publishing in DocBook, which
means that I have to submit all serious math as 
scalable graphics. I would guess others have been
through the same loop before. (Isn't it wonderful how 
publishing technology has progressed in the last
30 years.)

Thanks again.



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