[texhax] A question about stretchability and shrinkability

Philip TAYLOR (Ret'd) P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Tue Jun 16 12:03:45 CEST 2009

But of course DEK realised after the birth
of TeX that \vglue at top-of-page did not
contribute the desired amount and was therefore
forced to include \topglue ...


** Phil.
Stanislaw Romanski wrote:
 > Hello,
 > Maybe
 >    \vglue 25 pt
 > is what you are looking for.
 > This is "definite" vertical space; it will never disappear.
 > \vskip is removed in certain contexts,
 > e.g. in the begin or end of page.
 > HTH
 > Stanislaw Romanski

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