[texhax] Modifying LaTeX tables

Reinhard Kotucha reinhard.kotucha at web.de
Sun Jun 7 22:16:19 CEST 2009

On 7 June 2009 Sam Albers wrote:

 > Hello all,
 > I have a general methodology question concerning tables in LaTeX and I was
 > just wondering what the collective wisdom of the list thought.
 > Currently I am making tables using a spreadsheet then saving the file as a
 > .csv file, replacing commas with an ampersand and then formatting the table
 > to include in a .tex file. The problem I am running into is that if I want
 > to modify the table after this process (say add a column) I have to start
 > from scratch at the spreadsheet level which can be fairly time consuming. I
 > just wondering what other people do to make this more efficient. That is,
 > how do people go about making tables and modifying then after some edits
 > have been made.

I'm not using spreadsheets, but I often have the need to do something
more than once.  I usually write a little Perl script, but every other
scripting language is fine as well.

There is also an experimental package on CTAN, but I don't know
anything about it:



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