[texhax] combnat package: extra space in author-year textual citation

Tom Sutch tom at oketchup.co.uk
Wed Jul 15 23:43:30 CEST 2009

I am preparing conference proceedings using the combine package, and
using the combnat package (which is the combine-compatible version of
natbib) for the bibliographic referencing. It is working really well on
the whole, but I have a small issue with an unwanted extra space being
inserted after the year when I use \citet.

So while \citep{foo1962} gives "(Foo and Bar, 1962)" as desired, \citet
gives "Foo and Bar (1962 )".

When running on an individual paper in the proceedings and therefore
using the natbib package, the extra space does not appear.  So \citet{foo1962}
gives "Foo and Bar (1962)" as desired.

I tried delving into the .sty files in the hope I could work out what
was going on, but rapidly got very confused :-(

I have put together a minimal example at
http://www.btinternet.com/~roads/min_example.tar.gz (2.8KB) including
all aux/bib files, logs, and the resultant dvi output.
Unfortunately by necessity the problem involves multiple files, so I
couldn't think of a way of including it clearly in this message itself
-- hope this is OK. LaTeXing each of individual_doc and whole_doc shows
the problem.

I can get round it for simple cases by defining another macro
which splices together \citeauthor and \citeyearpar, but I'm not sure
this will work when things get more complex (plus it's ugly!), so it
would be good to be able to correct the behaviour of \citet if possible.

Many thanks for any help you are able to give on this.
Tom Sutch
Cambridge, UK

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