[texhax] white space problem

Tom Schneider toms at ncifcrf.gov
Wed Jul 15 10:27:14 CEST 2009


> And that's fine too!  Hmmm, I see now it is an author-year system (I
> just looked it up) whereas cite.sty is mainly intended for numeric 
> citations.  That isn't specifically a *problem* but you should probably 
> select [nosort,nocompress] options (\RequirePackageWithOptions), though
> using another package as the basis might be better.



! LaTeX Error: Missing \begin{document}.

See the LaTeX manual or LaTeX Companion for explanation.
Type  H <return>  for immediate help.
l.15 \RequirePackageWithOptions[n


> It is clear
> that \citepunct should be \renewcommand\citepunct{;\ } to allow
> line breaks in the best place.


> I had assumed cell.sty was a more complete template for a journal layout,
> rather than just the cite format.  Even the bibliography definition is
> commented out!  I guess it was taken over by the change to \@biblabel
> (great!)

Yes, I simplified it.

> I looked at the author instructions for Cell, and they don't really say
> much about the citation format, just a bit about the bibliography
> (references) format (need 10 authors to use et al!).  Lots about copies 
> of consent forms!

Ugh, got to do that tonight ...

> Oh!  Back to biblabel... what you have now will indent the bibliography,
> so it is probably better to use:
> \def\@biblabel#1{\hspace{-\labelsep}} 

Worked like a charm!!!  I was wondering about that ...

New version is up:


Thanks for the help!!


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