[texhax] Examples of books written using LaTeX/TeX and related tools

Bo Thide' bt at phisp.irfu.se
Tue Jul 7 19:14:06 CEST 2009

Hi Niall,

For several years, I have had an Internet book project going where I use
LaTeX (mainly memoir style) to produce a textbook called
"Electromagnetic Field Theory".  You can download it for free from
www.plasma.uu.se/CED/Book and see how it looks.

The book will be printed later this year.

Best regards,


In your e-mail of Fri Jul  3 19:19:25 2009 you wrote:
> Folks occasionally ask about what sort of books can be produced using
> (La)TeX.  We've recently published a couple of books using only LaTeX
> and other free tools.  The first one is unusual because it's in 
> full-colour and
> contains hundreds of photographs and other illustrations.
> 1. "Sustainable Energy - without the hot air" is full colour
>    throughout.  It was produced in LaTeX, and most of the diagrams
>    were done in MetaPost.  Some of the maps and other technical
>    illustrations used more specialized tools, such as the gmt software 
> for maps.
>    It was all free software.
>    You can download the book free in its entirety, as a PDF (or even
>    buy it as a normal hardcopy book :-).  There's a recent article about
>    it on Slashdot, which gives the download link:
> http://tech.slashdot.org/submission/1030811/Solving-the-Energy-Crisis-by-Tripling-Electricity
>    If you don't want to look at the whole thing, some of the MetaPost 
> diagrams are at:
>         http://uit.co.uk/files-a/sample-metapost-diagrams.pdf
> 2. "Alternative DNS Servers" is completely different.  It's a typical
>    computer book.  Again, this was done 100% in LaTeX, with diagrams
>    drawn with InkScape, which is of course free.
>    Sample diagrams are at:
>         http://uit.co.uk/files-a/inkscape-diagram-examples.pdf
>    and samples of tables of contents, etc. are in the box on page:
>         http://uit.co.uk/altdns
> Both books utilized Make to control the build process.  Unfortunately,
> each author used his own build system, so there's nothing we can
> release (although we're working on a standard directory-tree and Make
> setup that we'll release in due course -- any volunteers for testing? :-)
>     Regards,
>     Niall
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