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Tue Jul 7 17:58:05 CEST 2009

Sangeetha Arul wrote:

> Dear All
> In my article i have some characters in Japanesecharecters in my
> subtitle. In XML file it will be unicode characters. How this can be
> handled in LaTeX. I have used CJK.sty but it is not working. How to
> define these other languagecharacters in MikTeX. Which font i have to
> used. Could anyone help me.
> Eg:
> title--NIR FT Raman study of phase transitions in ferroelectric pyridinium
> periodate
> subtitle--相的NIR FT喇曼研究在鐵電的pyridinium periodate的
> Regards,
> Sangeetha

The Korean TeX Users Group has done an extraordinarily effective job of
making CJK available in a number of fonts, and in a straightforward and
uncomplicated way. It does require sufficient disk space to store a
collection of 256 character fonts all identified with Unicode pages, but
by doing so it avoids depending on complicated and unreadable coding
schemes. Two years ago I adopted this for a journal article that was
half in Korean (both the earlier Chinese and the hangeul character set)
and it went so smoothly that the author was able to identify only one
typo in the final output. Pretty good for a compositor who still does
not know a single character of Korean.

See the package latex-hangul-ucs-4.0.7 (or later). I used the Un Batang

Pierre MacKay

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