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Dr Nicola L C Talbot n.talbot at uea.ac.uk
Thu Jan 29 10:52:50 CET 2009

P. R. Stanley wrote:
> Here's an extract on unordered lists taken from Nicola's page:
> Lstart extract
> Each \item  command has produced a bullet point offset from the left 
> margin. The text following the \item  command is set in a block 
> following on from the bullet point. There is a blank line before and 
> after each item in the list.
> end extract
> That's "essentially" the sort of thing we need in the documentation. 
> I would add details of indentations -- are the bullet points or the 
> text items indented in relation to the normal paragraph? What happens 
> to alignment if the text of an item requires two or more lines?
> I wonder if a good description of plain Tex commands would add 
> efficiency to the solution under discussion.
> Any thoughts?

Thanks for your comments. I'm not sure when I'll get the time to update 
it, but when I do I'll add more detail to the descriptions. I also need 
to update all the other tutorials on my website to improve their 

In answer to your question about the itemize environment, the block of 
text following \item is offset by \leftmargin (25pt for article.cls) 
from the left edge of where a normal paragraph would be aligned and the 
label (in this case a bullet point) would be placed at \labelsep (5pt 
for article.cls) to the left of the start of the text, where the start 
of the text is indented by \itemindent (usually 0pt). (So the start of 
the text is indented by \leftmargin+\itemindent, and the following lines 
are indented by \leftmargin.) I'll have to work on a clearer way of 
describing that.

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